A Care Bag Called LOVE

Loving Is Caring

Send LOVE and CARE to Seniors

Current Goal: Raise $2000 to deliver 400 Care Bags to current residents and their care-takers at Bedford Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, Brooklyn, NYC.

Bag Contains: a selective mix of Easter Egg, Soduku, Coloring Book, Crayon, Jewelry, Soap, and Hand-drawn Card of LOVE for residents; KN95 Face Mask, Wipe, Candy, Soap and Hand-drawn Card of LOVE for care-takers.

Show Your LOVE

Sponsor with LOVE: Heartland NY, provider of healthy snacks in care of the elderly’s health.

$2500 is needed to support this effort: 

In Need of Young Artists

A child’s joy of life emits the magic power of healing that invigorates an elderly’s body and soul with heart-melting comfort. If your child(ren) is interested in contributing to this effort, please invite their magic being and creativity to send us cards of LOVE (requirements below). All young artists are highly encouraged to take a photo of themselves with their desired art work and email to help@uac-heroes.org. We plan to create a digital album and send it to the elderly. This is the magic bullet!

425 Cards of LOVE are needed

Look forward to your card of love as follows:

Size:Quarter page (4×5 inches)
Material:Construction or Print paper
Content:Colorful drawing with words of LOVE and CARE
Quantity:Recommended 4-8 cards/person
Mail to:UAC Heroes Inc, 14 Benson Drive, Danbury, CT06810

Learn More

If you need more information, please contact us or scan to join our WeChat group. Learn more about UAC: