Family Photo Contest

Loving Is Caring

July 10th - August 6th

The Winners

UAC (United Against COVID-19) first “Loving is Caring” family photo contest event started on July 10, 2020 and ended at 11:59pm on August 6th, 2020. A total of 44 photos has been uploaded during this 4-week period. And a few hundred people browsed and voted on the photos. After an initial round of public voting and a final review by the UAC photo-contest organizing committee, the winners of the first, second, and third prizes were Ruby Ruan, Athena Wu, and Yueying Cheng. We also created a video for all the photos submitted. Also follow us on facebook for more details.

Family Photo Contest Theme

Notes: All photo submissions should showcased love and affection in a family, e.g. couples, parents or grandparents with kids, family pets etc. A mask must be shown in each photo. Our goal is to increase the awareness of emotional impact of COVID-19 on seniors living in long-term care facilities and raise money for nursing homes that are experiencing shortage in PPEs. By submitting to this contest, participant agrees to the Terms of Conditions.

Family Photo Contest Prizes*

*Prizes are subject to organizers’ final confirmation and must be picked up in person. A shipping fee will be charged if the winner wishes to receive their prize by mail. If a contest winner resides outside of USA, they can designate a US resident to claim their prize.

How to participate?

A. Upload your photos (up to 3) to the photo contest page by using the  Add Photo  button. You must provide your email address and full legal name in Subtitle field so that we can verify your identity if you win.

B. Invite friends to the photo contest page to vote – the top 3 photos with the most “likes” are the winners. Browse photos or find it by searching photographer’s name in the the field and click on the “Like” button beneath the photo(s) you’d like to vote.
You can unvote by clicking on the same button again, or vote for multiple photos. You can view the title and the name of photographer with icon.

C. Donate (optional) on GoFundMe platform “We Care for the Elderly”. All donors are eligible for a free gift that are sponsored by various organizations in NY, while supply last.

Sponsored Gifts for GoFundMe Donors

All donors of UAC “We Care for the Elderly” fundraising initiative can randomly receive one of the following gifts. The larger the donation, the higher the gift value.

  • Heartland NY: $20 store gift card
  • Joyce Leung Yoga: online yoga class at 95% discount
  • Floral arrangement: free online class
  • Diabolo training: free online class
  • Junzi Restaurant: $50 store gift card
  • Cordless water teeth flosser
  • Home spa bath set
  • Blue tooth headset
  • Face shield
  • Protective goggles
  • Kids’ disposable face mask
  • UV sterilization box

In addition, any donor who donates $50 or more is eligible for a UAC custom-made cloth mask as gift from UAC.

Photo Contest Announcement and Gift Claiming

Photo contest result will be announced on UAC official web site ( this page) and Facebook page on Monday, August 10, 2020.

  1. The onus rests on the participant and charity donors to check UAC website for updates.
  2. It is the photo contest winners and charity donors’ responsibility to contact organizers to claim their prize. Winners must provide their contact information such as name and telephone number as well as other pertinent information in order to validate their ID.
  3. Photo contest prizes and sponsored gifts for Go Fund,Me donors must be picked up in person. A shipping fee will be charged if photo contest winner and/or charity donor wishes to receive their prize by mail.
  4. If a contest winner resides outside of USA, they can designate a US resident to claim their prize.
  5. In the event that the winner is unable, or fails to claim or accept delivery of the prize/gift within 10 days from the announcement date, the prize shall be forfeited to another winner.

Have fun and good luck!

Special Thanks to Our Event Sponsors and Supporters